Mother Matrix Retonement

Mother Matrix this is the Divine Feminine Matrix, the pristine energy of the feminine aspect of creation. The first time I witnessed this, I ask, “What is this?” and I was told, “It is as if Buddha and Jesus wed so that Mary will be born”. The conception and implantation of the Divine Feminine the return to the nurturer.

In this work, the three Biospheres’ are spun after the Balance grid and Central Column come into alignment. When they synchronize into the zone of All Time then a small Merkaba raises out of the Hara just below the navel. This is the Inner Merkaba, which encases the Divine Inner Self core essence. The filaments of the Inner Merkaba structure are then repaired and energized. A new energetic umbilical cord is wove, and connected to the divine Mother Matrix. After this connection is in place another Merkaba structure drops down from the Divine Creator, this structure encases the Higher Self. The two Merkaba structures come into alignment with each other. This is the alignment of the inner self with then higher self. Which aligns your soul purpose with your earth purpose and integrates with the divine spiritual purpose. When the Inner self and Higher self unite, the energy of manifestation can occur. Manifestation energy can only be produced and conducted when the inner self and higher self come together unified.